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Mapify free subscription for Web Summit attendees

Here we go again. Web Summit 2021 returns to Lisbon and in person! This is fantastic news to all the entrepreneur ecosystem. Besides the excellent talks and showcases, Web Summit richness is all about people and connections.

A massive opportunity for everyone, from everywhere, to connect to their peers. Founders, Investors, Savvies!

We will be at Web Summit and want to learn from all the companies there. It is truly a blessing to have this proximity to our potential customers to understand their needs better.

For this reason, today, we announce special subscriptions Plans to all the Web Summit attendees.

  • Starter Plan - Free forever. Any NGO or pre-revenue Startup can subscribe to this plan

  • Professional Plan 20% off for Web Summit 2021 - Any Web Summit attendee can subscribe to our Pro Plan and get 20% during the first 6 months - Yes, we are offering more than 500€ to your business

Want to know more?

If you are around Lisbon, please drop me a line by email or Twitter: or

Eager to talk to you!


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