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Today is a fantastic day! Mapify is out now!

Today is a fantastic day for me, for the entire team involved in Mapify, and I hope for many more around the world. Mapify allows you to build scalable enterprise real-time location intelligence solutions almost without code and using only your browser!

Mapify public Beta is out! Mapify is a SaaS multi tenant location intelligence solution, and is available to everyone wanting to give location intelligence a try with just a few clicks. Just go to this link and request your trial account:

Beta version amazing abilities:

  • load and process high-volume spatial data, quickly create maps from the data and manage it all through an API ready to tackle large scale at speed

  • easily integrate indoor mapping and 360º panoramas to bring buildings to life in your applications

  • integrate your live sensors data, or geospatial data feeds, in mere seconds

  • design advanced workflows for your live data in a simple IDE, and take advantage of real-time data processing

  • trigger notifications to your team or alert systems using workflows

  • leverage the open source Mapify SDK to make your solutions and applications come true

Even in a Beta version, we are committed to some core guidelines in our work:

  • security by design

  • robustness and high availability

  • scalability

  • simplicity of use

  • fast results

Ready to start creating your applications with your location data and your sensor feeds in real-time? Let's go!

We are here to help you rock! Get in touch -

Talk to you soon!


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