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The future of geospatial analysis is here.
It works on your browser and it's low-code.

We want to give students the tools and knowledge to excel in the area of real-time location intelligence, thus preparing the future workforce to elevate business performance in their organizations.

How is Mapify suited for university students?

  • Powerful

Big Data is everywhere and processing it can be quite hard. Thanks to our mighty cloud, supported by Google Cloud, Mapify is able to process millions of data points in seconds. No need to install software, it runs on your web browser.


  • Easy to use

Geographic information systems require especialized training and have an outdated visual. With Mapify you’re able to click, drag and drop your way through an interactive map that would otherwise take months to make.


  • Low-code but extendable

Thanks to our simple user interface, you can build everything without the needing a single line of code. Just bring your data, create your roles on a drag-and-drop workflow environment and you’re done. But, if that isn't enough, feel free to use our APIs and SDKs, to build your own customizable solution.


  • Real-time

In today’s world data became so ubiquitous that we want to know what is going on at any moment, thus preventing and fixing problems faster and saving money. Real-time data allows that. When combined with location, it generates valuable insights.

protocolo nova 1.jpeg
protocolo nova 2.jpeg

NOVA IMS was the first university to establish a protocol with Mapify. We’re providing our platform for free to their NOVA Cidade: Urban Analytics Lab students. Mapify is also collaborating with NOVA IMS on projects related to smart cities.

Mapify for Education 🎓 is our commitment to the future of geospatial analysis.

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