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Mapify is an end-to-end platform to manage and process geospatial static and real-time data and generate real-time insights. With Mapify, you can incorporate the power of Location Intelligence and Real-time Location Intelligence into your solutions with few clicks and only using your browser. You can even simulate your real-time messages without connecting to any device. Again, using only your browser :)

Filling the gap between Google Maps and complex Geographic Information Systems with a simple, low-code SaaS Platform."

How it Works?

Well, if the browser is not enough for You, we also have you covered. Just configure everything and use our APIs and SDKs to customize your solution even more and adapt to your needs.

Big News!

Today, we announce special subscriptions Plans:

  • Starter Plan - Free forever. Any NGO or pre-revenue Startup can subscribe to this plan

  • Professional Plan 20% off - For any startup with less than one year in sales. Any startup with less than one year in sales can subscribe to our Pro Plan and get 20% during the first 6 months - Yes, we are offering more than 500€ to your business.

Are you a NGO or pre-revenue Startup?
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Free Forever

We created this Plan for NGO or pre-revenue Startups

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20% off for 6 months

Start with a Trial, no CC needed and then we offer you 20% discount on our first 6 months of the Professional Plan