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Startups need speed and agility, constantly testing and iterating. Mapify can accelerate your solutions by allowing you to build a proof of concept with just a few clicks.

How is Mapify suited for startups?

Build your MVP fast

Implement your MVP in days and validate your idea. Mapify is a no-code platform and also allows you to automate certain actions using Mapify Workflows.

Never worry about infrastructure

Mapify grows along with you. Infrastructure, performance, and scalability is secured by Google Cloud. Just focus on building your product.

No-code but extendable

Build everything without needing a single line of code. You’re also free to use our APIs and SDKs, to further customize your solution.

Location intelligence in your solution

Around 80% of websites / apps can use location intelligence to bring more value to their users

Plans for startups and NGOs


You know the product, or can quickly pick it up following the technical documentation


for any pre-revenue startup or NGO

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Datasets: 5

Data Feeds: 1

360 Panoramas: 50

Layers per Map or Building: 2

Private Apps: 1

Storage: 10 GB

Outbound traffic: 5 GB

Workflow execution: 5 hours

Support: Email



You are familiar with the code and are seeking help from a product expert


/ 20% off

20% Off for any startup with less than one year in sales during 6 months

per month billed annually

549 billed monthly

Start Trial

Datasets: 50

Data Feeds: 10

360 Panoramas: 500

Layers per Map or Building: 4

Private Apps: 5

Storage: 100 GB

Outbound traffic: 20 GB

Workflow execution: 100 hours

Support: Email NBD

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