How To Connect Google Looker Studio to Mapify

Monitoring and analytics

July 9, 2024


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Let's dive into how to connect Google Looker Studio to Mapify and bring in real-time data. We'll be using data from our Barcelona demo on electric vehicle charging stations.

First, create an API Key in your Mapify account. Navigate to the API Keys tab in Settings and click to create a new API Key. Name it "API Key for Looker Studio”. Make sure to enable the “read” claim for Datasets, and save it. Once saved, a key will be generated that you can easily copy.

Next, open Google Looker Studio and create a blank report. Search for the Mapify Partner Connector and add it. You will need to authorize it with your Google account. After the authentication, It will ask for the API Key we just created, so paste it in!

Now let's choose the dataset you want, which in this case is "Barcelona - Electric Charging Stations," and click “Add To Report.” Google Looker Studio will preview some data, but you’ll need to customize it. The data source will appear as “Mapify” by default, so it's a good idea to rename it to avoid any confusion. Go to Resource, select “Manage added data sources,” and change the name to something like “Barcelona Charging Stations.”

For this tutorial, Looker Studio might default to showing the IDs and SUM of values, which isn’t very useful. Change the Dimension to “vehicle_type_description” and the Metric to “COUNT ID” to count the number of IDs per type of vehicle.

Looker Studio offers multiple visualizations—how awesome is that? You can choose from options like Scorecards, Bar charts, and Pie charts. For our example, let's use a pie chart to analyze the status of the electric chargers. Plus, you can add other datasets from Mapify or any other data available in Google Looker Studio to enrich your reports and dashboards.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to connect Mapify to Google Looker Studio and create insightful visualizations from your data.

Ready to elevate your data game? Try Mapify now for free and start connecting it to Google Looker Studio. Build your own insightful and dynamic dashboards today!