How To Create and Share your buildings in Mapify

App development

January 4, 2024


min video

To create a building you'll need a Dataset and a Layer. Import a GeoJSON file for your building's floor—let's call it 'Westport House - Floor 1'.

Now on to the Layer. We will create a corresponding Layer with the same name. Don’t forget to publish the Layer.

Next, let's dive into styling. Style your Floor 1 layer for a clearer view of the walls, stairs, windows, and so on.

Hop over to the Preview Tab to see how the layer looks before saving.

Outside this tutorial, we repeated these steps for each floor. With all floors ready, let's create the building itself.

Voila! Westport House is taking shape. Intuitively select the layers you've created for each level, save, and preview the building. Toggle on and off between layers to visualize the different floors of the building.

Want to add more detail? It’s also possible to have more than one layer for the same floor. I'll show you how to create a walking circulation path for the 2nd floor of Westport House. Like this!

To share the building with anyone, we need to turn it into a map and then an app. Visit the Maps tab, add the Building, AND, with just one click, turn it into a no-code app. For more information on this, check out our “How To Add branding to your Mapify app” video.

Ready for the final result? To share the building, adjust your settings in the Apps tab by navigating to the Share section. Copy the app URL or embed the app according to your preference.

Map your buildings today using a simple, low-code SaaS platform. Try Mapify now for free, and start building your own location intelligence apps.