5 IoT Wearables You Need To Know About

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October 18, 2022

Ana Guerra

5 IoT Wearables You Need To Know About

Considering we’re huge IoT nerds, wearables are something we love. They’re exciting to us not just for their regular usability, but for the potential they have as sensors part of the location intelligence ecosystem, hand in hand with smart homes, smart mobility, and so on.

Any technology that is designed to be used while worn is called a wearable. Two of the most popular wearables currently are fitness trackers such as the Xiaomi Mi Band and smartwatches like the Apple Watch.

Besides being tech gadgets, wearables can have applications in other areas like clothing or healthcare.

While writing our “Mapping The Coolest IoT Companies In The World” article we came across some really cool wearable companies, so it was time we shared our favorites with you. These can be great purchases for Black Friday which is just around the corner!


Pison lets you control any smart device or machine just by moving your finger. This wearable has applications in augmented reality such as VR headsets or AR glasses, robots and drone control, and factory machines control. The company pioneered the use of electroneurography (ENG) to translate data generated by the body's natural physiological electricity into interpretable events. Pison also works with Natural Language gestures such as “thumbs up”, “swiping” and “drag and drop”.

Price: Not available to the general public.

Sunu Band

The Sunu Band is a smart wearable that looks like a watch and uses echolocation to complement a white cane or a guide dog. Sunu has a 5m range and has the capacity to perceive people, obstacles, and spaces around you through vibrations. It also has a GPS voice assistant.

Price: starting at €520.95 EUR ($507.4 USD)


Eeyelights goal is to keep your eyes on the road. It achieves this with wearables that display phone applications such as GPS, music, and calls in your field of vision. Their main product, EyeRide, is a device that attaches to a rider’s helmet allowing you to control applications using your voice.

Price: $490 USD


Ivy is a health tracker designed by women and for women. It looks like an elegant light bracelet and it can monitor your heart rate, respiratory rate, cardiac coherence, and physical and mental activity. Thanks to that, Ivy is able to tell which of the four phases of the menstrual cycle the woman is in and recommend the best courses of action to feel better.

Price: $249 USD


Upright is a health wearable with the objective of transforming your posture. After placing Upright on your back, you get real-time posture feedback and instant vibration correction. You can track your progress via the mobile app and get daily posture analysis and progress reports.

Price: starting at €79.99 EUR ($78,74 USD)

That is all for today! Which was your favorite?

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