Create amazing location-based geomarketing solutions with Mapify

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November 25, 2022

Mário Sobral

Create amazing location-based geomarketing solutions with Mapify

The holy grail of advertising and marketing is the ability to reach relevant consumers at the “right time, right place, right moment” and with the right message.

Many companies go to great lengths to understand their consumers and which products they may be interested in, in order to provide them with meaningful and impactful advertising.

Even though e-commerce has evolved tremendously in recent years, physical stores still represent a very important slice of the overall available purchasing power.

"Brands want to increase in-person visits to brick-and-mortar locations, finding in-person visitors to be more loyal and more valuable than other customers"

Source: Intercept Consumers On The Go With Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising, Forrester Consulting, April 2020

With the rise in popularity of smartphones and location beacons in stores and most commercial venues, reaching customers has become easier and more accurate. Location has become key for advertising. There are several successful location-based approaches to advertising, such as geo-fencing campaigns and geo-targeting campaigns, which can target users based on their location inside or outside specific zones, or when entering or exiting those zones.

With Mapify you can easily build those types of solutions, targeting users who are nearby one of your stores with a relevant promotional message in order to invite them to visit your store. You can even add additional rules to better target potentially interested buyers, such as targeting only users who have spent a certain amount of time near your store (such as those window shopping and maybe still deciding on a purchase).

Some industries can better leverage location when it comes to advertising. Here are a few examples of how Mapify can build solutions based on location intelligence:

  • Advertising homes for sale - Help home buyers know which nearby homes are being sold as they walk or drive along a specific area.
  • Suggesting an electric charge - Remind the user to charge the electric vehicle in your company's nearest charging station, and benefit from a discount.
  • Guide users to your parking facilities - Promote the location of your parking facilities to users approaching a nearby event venue (sports event, concert, international conference, etc).
  • Invite users to visit your store - Invite users walking or driving nearby your store (or your competitor's) to visit your store using a special promotion.
  • Promote products based on current weather - Advertise relevant products according to the weather (or other factors) in the user's current location.

“Location marketing is so important and sometimes overlooked. We want to intercept somebody who has been thinking about furniture and hasn’t pulled the trigger to visit one of our stores.”

Source: Intercept Consumers On The Go With Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising, Forrester Consulting, April 2020

It's up to you to imagine what other amazing location-based advertising solutions you can build.  Trust Mapify to handle all the real-time location processing with its scalable platform and to help you quickly set up advertising targeting rules through its flexible and easy-to-configure Mapify Workflows.

Feel free to reach out to us and share your idea! We'll do our best to make it happen.