How Mapify can empower tourism | Algarve Tech Hub Summit

Use cases

April 5, 2022

Ana Guerra

How Mapify can empower tourism | Algarve Tech Hub Summit

We took a trip to the south of Portugal to present Mapify IoT at Algarve Tech Hub Summit. Our Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Sandro Batista, was invited to speak about Smart Destinations, a concept developed by the European Commission.

Smart Cities and Smart Tourism

We know cities are becoming more and more connected, whether it is by the devices that are progressively online or the people who live in them and their smartphones. Cities that take advantage of this to further develop their tourism offer, as well as attract more visitors, are called Smart Destinations.

The amount of data gathered is often too complex. Thus, there is a need for platforms that simplify the data by focusing on the insights, that is how we can take action. This is where Mapify IoT comes in!

Mapify IoT is an end-to-end platform to manage and process real-time geospatial data and generate real-time insights. We fill the gap between Google Maps and complex Geographic Information Systems with a simple, low-code SaaS platform.

Let’s look at the city of Helsinki as an example of leveraging Mapify for smart city management. Using publicly available data from Helsinki Open Data, we were able to build a Mapify App and visualize real-time public transportation data.

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