How Mapify uses the Google Maps Platform


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May 9, 2022

Mário Sobral

How Mapify uses the Google Maps Platform

Everyone knows the importance of location in today's world. From where stores are placed to city planning, from cell tower range to autonomous vehicle routing and many more, location intelligence provides real-world solutions for real-world challenges.

The adoption of digital maps and smart devices (such as the smartphones most of us carry in our pockets) has accelerated steeply in recent times, and the Google Maps Platform has played a major role in that.

Mapify uses the Google Maps Platform

Mapify leverages Google Maps Platform allowing you to create better experiences for your users and improve your business with rich, detailed geospatial data, helpful mapping tools, and industry-leading reliability.

Access worldwide Base Maps

Mapify lets you create your no-code Mapify Apps using all of Google Maps Platform worldwide data and satellite imagery while allowing you to overlay your own data on top of it in an easy and effortless way. Whether you do business in Lisbon or New York, you can count on the same high-quality Google Maps experience your users know and love when you use Mapify.

Search for Addresses and Places

Your Mapify Apps users will be able to quickly find any address or known place through an easy to use and intuitive search interface with autocomplete support, which accesses more than 200 million places from the Google Maps Platform's Places API.

Understand Points of Interest

Allow your Mapify Apps users to benefit from detailed information on over 200 million places and points of interest available to better understand the context around their own geospatial features and data.

Even though some people may say we do ✨magic✨ at Mapify, the truth is that we only try to make location intelligence easier and more fun for developers and users. I hope you enjoyed this article and can now see how flexible and powerful Mapify can be!

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