Mapify Establishes A Partnership With NOVA IMS


July 28, 2022

Ana Guerra

Mapify Establishes A Partnership With NOVA IMS

We’re happy to announce that Mapify established a partnership with NOVA IMS 🤝

This partnership consists in the exchange of knowledge and experiences between Mapify and NOVA IMS, for the development of joint initiatives and cooperation in smart cities projects.

Furthermore, Mapify will provide free access and support to their platform to all professors and students involved in NOVA Cidade: Urban Analytics Lab. The lab is coordinated by professor Miguel de Castro Neto, PhD and Dean of NOVA IMS - Information Management School.

According to Miguel de Castro Neto, Dean of NOVA IMS, “the exchange between the university environment and business organizations is a fundamental instrument to promote a better harmony between the supply and demand for employment. We believe that only through close collaboration between the university world, municipalities and inter-municipal communities we can achieve significant evolution of academic and municipal realities, thus this collaboration being a strategic objective to guarantee national competitiveness. The idea will be to allow the school itself to integrate business logic into its curriculum, which helps us to fulfil our mission of preparing our students for the job market in the best way”.
“Focus BC and NOVA IMS recognize that there is mutual benefit in an even greater connection between the two institutions, with the consequent exchange of information and experiences, and also with the realization of joint initiatives. This partnership also represents our first step towards Mapify for Education, Mapify's commitment to qualify university students in the area of ​​real-time location intelligence through a low-code platform and to support academia in its research projects” adds Vasco Pinheiro, Managing Partner at Focus BC (Mapify).
Vasco Pinheiro, Managing Partner at Focus BC (on the left), and Miguel de Castro Neto, Dean of NOVA IMS (on the right) signing the protocol.


NOVA IMS - Information Management School (NOVA IMS) is the School of Information Management and Data Science at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. It is dedicated to converting data into value (“From Data to Value”), through a wide range of teaching, research and projects with companies or in partnership with other institutions.

The quality of its training is recognized globally, through different national and international accreditations, and prominent ranking positions achieved, namely in the Eduniversal ranking (six of its master's and postgraduate degrees are recognized among the best in the world in their respective areas).

NOVA IMS has more than 30 years of accumulated experience in data processing and analysis, which it now puts at the service of digital transformation and the “Big Data” environments in which we live, namely through a wide range of laboratories (NOVA ANALYTICS LABS powered by NOVA IMS). Today it has more than 2700 students, from more than 70 different countries, and high levels of internationalization in all the activities it develops from Lisbon to the world.

If your university is interested in joining NOVA IMS in our list of partners, let's have a chat!