Utility companies, protect your assets and your workers using Mapify

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December 7, 2022

Mário Sobral

Utility companies, protect your assets and your workers using Mapify

Together with climate change, the production, management, and distribution of essential resources such as water, gas, and electricity has been one of the most hotly debated topics in the world.

Recent events such as the war in Ukraine have demonstrated how important it is for all countries to manage public utilities efficiently and how location is such a relevant factor. It's critical to have the ability to maintain a real-time view of production and consumption patterns, the location of assets, and their connections, and to be able to react quickly to the current context and market conditions.

"The Internet of Things has presented a long array of benefits to the utility industry. Smart technologies help in utility management, propose remote control options, amplified safety, reduce costs, as well as help, resolve the problem of resource depletion faced by all regions across the globe."

Source: IoT In Utilities Market Outlook (2022-2023)

The utility sector has been evolving in order to optimize resource management and energy consumption. Smart meters are also empowering the growth of local, micro-production of energy such as solar panels and wind turbines. This produces new potential revenue streams, as well as further efficiencies in production and distribution.

Given the current global energy context, several industries are investing in smart technologies to replace legacy systems and equipping many of their systems with smart devices, sensors, and remote communication capabilities.

These IoT devices and sensors can offer real-time data which may reveal incredibly important in the future. However, it requires a solid platform that processes all the real-time generated quickly and efficiently.

"While hardware such as digital relays and smart meters are widely deployed, underlying software systems are frequently not designed to handle the volume of data streamed from the field."

Source: Modernizing the investment approach for electric grids, November 11, 2020

👉 Mapify is a reliable real-time scalable cloud-based platform that can handle millions of messages from geographically dispersed IoT devices/sensors and IoT gateways. We support a multitude of device types, such as:

  • luminaries;
  • irrigation controllers;
  • gas flow sensors;
  • waste bin fill-level sensors;
  • many others.

Since Mapify exposes all its features using standard REST APIs, you can build your solutions or even integrate with your current systems and not worry about handling and processing many inbound messages from all your connected devices.

Barcelona's air quality sensors are colored according to the quality level.
Mapify Workflows that calculates and updates the air quality index in real-time.

With Mapify, you're able to render data in layers and maps in real-time. Consequently, your solutions have the capacity to display all devices and their current status in a geospatial context. You can even generate a shareable web application with this information or embed it in your own website!

👉 You can also benefit from Mapify Workflows which processes incoming data and automates a multitude of actions based on the analysis of the information received. You can do location-based analysis, evaluate expressions and conditions, send processed data to external analytics platforms, invoke third-party solutions through REST API, or trigger alerts that send emails or SMS with device-related information.

Your devices, your data, your rules.

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