Creating your first Map on Mapify

Updated: Nov 3


After reading this, you’ll be able to render your own Mapify Map and display your own Mapify layers.


  • Mapify account (you can request a trial account here)

If you want to dive right in the deep end without following this tutorial, feel free to request a Mapify trial here, or click here to schedule a talk with us, and start creating your Maps today!


Setup your data in Mapify

To simplify this walkthrough, I will assume you have followed our first walkthrough on how to create a dataset and publish a layer. This means you should now have at least a “World Countries” dataset and a “World Countries” published layer. You can even style it a bit, if you want :-)

Create your Map

Now You can create a Map aggregating the layers you want to share in your application.

In the Mapify Console, click on the Maps menu option to access the Maps list. Click on the “Create” button to begin configuring a new map, and name it “My First Map”:

In the Groups tab, click on the “Add Layers Group” button to create a group of layers in your map, and name it “Countries”:

Expand the layers group and click the “Add Layer” button to add a new layer to the group. Select your “World Countries” layer from the list of available layers (your list of available layers may differ from the one below):

Before saving your Map, go back to the “Details” tab and click on the “Calculate Bounding Box” button for Mapify to determine the optimal bounding box for your maps, based on the selected layers.

Save your Map. You are now ready to start building your own Applications!


You know, we love Maps, so, please share with us yours fantastic maps built with Mapify. Drop me a line or schedule a call!