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Electricity and other utility companies suffer constant pressure to fix emergencies, reduce carbon emissions, promote renewable energy sources, and give customers more insights into their consumption habits.

  • Plan and design better networks

It starts with preparing to better respond to natural disasters and emergencies which endanger the networks. By studying real-time population data, it is possible to identify growth opportunities and arrive earlier than competitors.


  • Power farms and factories with renewable energy

Sun and wind energy are two of the cleanest energy sources. Location intelligence is able to facilitate tracking down ideal locations for solar panels and wind turbines, as well as additional information on land possession and prices.


  • Save more water

Location intelligence has an important role in monitoring water levels, reducing overflows, alerting water leakage, and preserving water quality. It saves the world and saves companies money.

  • Empower workers in the field

Thanks to insights from location data, teams can transform their workflows to make installing, maintaining, and repairing infrastructures easier and with less opportunity for human error.​

Use Cases for Utilities

Utility companies, protect your assets and your workers using Mapify

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