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Location intelligence is a fundamental tool for fighting climate change and understanding how we as humans can be smarter about the way we use our resources.

  • Practice sustainable agriculture

Agriculture should be about cultivating to meet the world’s food needs and not compromising resources for future generations. Planting in the best locations and adding sensors to optimize harvesting for high food quality are a couple of examples.


  • Find the ideal location for EV charging stations

Whether it’s for electric cars or e-scooters, it’s fundamentally important that charging stations are placed in the finest locations. It can make of break the success of these projects.


  • Power farms and factories with renewable energy

Sun and wind energy are two of the cleanest energy sources. Location intelligence is able to facilitate tracking down ideal locations for solar panels and wind turbines, as well as additional information on land possession and prices

  • Prepare for natural disasters

Location intelligence gives important insights to those designing a city prepared for disasters. Furthermore, when disasters happen, it can support by understanding the fastest and most efficient way to tackle humanitarian help necessities.

  • Monitor biodiversity

Gathering habitat distribution data by location is crucial to measuring the extent of damage there has been done to endangered species. Identifying hotspots and combining them with additional geospatial context, guides us on how to preserve biodiversity.

Use Cases for Environment and Sustainability

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